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Bridgewater Meadow
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Bridgewater Pointe
Bridgewater Village
Enclave at Bridgewater
Lakes of Bridgewater
Mason Lakes
Morton Ranch
The Lakes at Mason Park
Vineyard Meadow
Westland Creek Village

Water/Sewer Provider (Operator)

Regional Water Corporation

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Regional Water Corporation
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Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
12841 Jones Rd, Suite 120
Houston , TX 7707

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From Official Statement

Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 71 (the “District”) is a political subdivision of the State of Texas, created by the Texas Water Commission, predecessor to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (the “TCEQ”) on December 13, 1977, and operates pursuant to Chapters 49 and 54 of the Texas Water Code, as amended. The District consists of approximately 1,317 acres of land.

The District is located approximately 25 miles west of the central downtown business district of the City of Houston, Texas in Harris County. The District lies wholly within the exclusive extraterritorial jurisdiction of the City of Houston and within the boundaries of the Katy Independent School District. Access to the District is provided by Interstate Highway 10 west to Mason Road, a major thoroughfare into the District, or via Clay Road exit, east from State Highway 99 (the “Grand Parkway”).

Development of the District began in 1978. The District is currently providing water supply and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment and storm drainage facilities to approximately 853 acres developed into 4,126 single-family residential lots of Westland Creek Village, Section One, Lakes of Bridgewater, Sections One through Ten, Bridgewater Pointe, Sections One through Three, Bridgewater Village, Section One, Enclave at Bridgewater, Sections One and Two, Mason Lakes, Sections One through Three, Morton Ranch, Sections One through Four, Bridgewater Meadow, Sections One through Three, The Lakes at Mason Park, Sections One through Four, Bridgewater Place, Sections One and Two, and Vineyard Meadow, Sections One through Nine. As of January 14, 2016, there were 4,072 completed homes (4,026 of which were occupied), 27 vacant developed single-family residential lots and 27 homes under construction.

In addition, the Katy Independent School District has constructed an elementary school and a middle school and the District has constructed an administration and maintenance building on approximately 32 acres, two churches have been constructed on approximately 14 acres, a Harris County park has been constructed on approximately 6 acres, Evergreen Cottages, an assisted living facility, has been constructed on approximately 1 acre and approximately 126 acres of commercial reserves have been served with water and sewer trunk facilities, upon which two gas stations with convenience stores, two small strip centers, a child care center, a Family Dollar store, a Wendy’s, a gas station and a shopping center have been constructed on approximately 14 acres. Approximately 27 developable acres have not yet been provided with water distribution, wastewater collection and storm drainage facilities and approximately 244 acres are not developable (street right of way, recreation sites, easements and plant sites).