Tara Glen Municipal Utility District

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Oaks of Clear Creek

Water/Sewer Provider (Operator)

The City of League City

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Water and sewer for the District is provided by the City of League City. To set up new service, call their office at (281) 554-1335 and press option #2 or you can visit www.2TurnItOn.com to set it up online.


To set up new service for a commercial connection, send an email to UBService@leaguecity.com with your business’s location, contact data, tax ID#, and work day to start service.

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Garbage and Recycling Provider

The City of League City

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AmeriWaste Services provides trash collection services for the District through the City of League City. To set up new service, call their office at (281) 585-3200 or send an email to leaguecity@ameriwaste.net.

From Official Statement

The District is a municipal utility district created by the Texas Natural Resource and Conservation Commission, predecessor to the TCEQ, on February 13, 1985. The rights, powers, privileges, authority, and functions of the District are established by the general laws of the State of Texas pertaining to municipal utility districts, particularly Chapters 49 and 54, Texas Water Code, as amended. The District is subject to the continuing supervision of the TCEQ. The District is empowered to purchase, construct, operate, and maintain all works, improvements, facilities, and plants necessary for the supply of water; the collection, transportation, and treatment of wastewater; and the control and diversion of storm water. The District, if approved by the voters within the District, the TCEQ, and other governmental entities having jurisdiction, may establish, operate and maintain a fire department independently or with one or more other conservation and reclamation districts, and provide such facilities and services to customers of the District. Under certain limited circumstances, the District is authorized to construct, develop and maintain park and recreational facilities.

The District is also required to observe certain requirements of the City of League City (the “City”) which presently: (i) limit the purposes for which the District may sell bonds to the acquisition, construction, and improvement of waterworks, wastewater, and drainage facilities and the refunding of bonds; (ii) limit the net effective interest rate on such bonds and other terms of such bonds; (iii) require approval by the City for all District construction plans; and, (iv) permit connections only to commercial, single family or multi-family platted reserves which have been approved by the Planning Commission of the City. Construction and operation of the District’s water, wastewater and storm drainage system is subject to the regulatory jurisdiction of additional governmental agencies.

The District presently contains approximately 115.64 acres substantially all of which has been fully developed. Approximately 2.2 acres in the District consists of drainage easements and dedicated rights-of-way. Land within the District has been developed principally for single family residential housing development. In addition to the single-family residential development, approximately 4.7 acres (located within a portion of the fully developed acreage) have been used for a community recreational facility. The District is located entirely in the City. The City of Houston is located approximately 23 miles north, northeast of the District. The District is wholly within the City and lies within the Clear Creek Independent School District.