Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District 116 | FBCMUD 116 | MUD 116



Brazos Gardens
Brazos Village, Section 1 & 2
Canyon Gate at the Brazos, Section 1-11
Canyon Lakes at the Brazos, Section 1 & 2
Lakes of Williams Ranch, Section 1
MP Estates
The Estates at Lakes of Williams Ranch

From Official Statement

The District currently consists of approximately 744 acres of land and is located approximately 27 miles southwest of the central downtown business district of the City of Houston and approximately 7 miles west of the City of Sugar Land City Hall and approximately 5 miles southeast of the City of Richmond. A small portion of the District along Interstate 69 (2.822 acres mainly in the Interstate 69 right-of-way) is located in the corporate limits of the City of Sugar Land, and the remaining land is located in the corporate limits or extraterritorial jurisdiction of the City of Richmond. The District is within the boundaries of Lamar Consolidated Independent School District. The District is bounded on the south by Farmto-Market 762, on the west by a large estate home development and on the east by Crabb River Road. Interstate 69 bisects the northeast corner of the District.